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ElModApp - Free Software Download

Brand/Manufacturer:ElMod Electronics



Customise your Elmod board the easy way with the ElMod App.
Available on  Windows,  macOS and  Play Store

Weight: 0.08 Kg per item

The ElModApp is the successor of the ElMod Configurator. It is faster, more user friendly, more reliable and prepared for some great new products which ElMod will release soon.

It is a FREE tool for configuring and tweaking the ElMod central units. With over 100 parameters you can adjust/change/tweak, the possibilities are endless. Configure the tank to your own personal taste.

The latest firmware updates are included with the software. The availability of new firmware versions and the changes which have been made, are listed the ElMod Knowledge Base.

ElMod App for Windows®
Installation file for Microsoft®  Windows® 10 (32/64 bit).
Note: the installation file includes the required drivers.

ElMod App for MacOS®
Signed DMG image for Apple®  MacOS® (10.11 and higher).
Note: The USB dongle with a standard USB port requires a driver. This driver is included in the image and must be installed separately.
The USB dongle with a mini-USB port uses a driver that is already integrated in MacOS®. No driver installation is necessary here.

ElMod App for Android®