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Clark Model TK22A Tank Controller (M26 Pershing Sounds)

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A great alternative to the standard Heng Long and Taigen electronics package.

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TK22A series controller is the successor of successful TK22 series, uses 4-CH conventional PWM or 10-CH S.BUS RC system to control R/C tank's forward/backward movement, sharp turning, pivoting, turret rotation and gun barrel evaluation at variable speed.


  • Ultrasonic ESC*3 for two track motor and turret rotation
  • Ultra Low turn-on resistance FET for track motor ESC
  • 22KHz, 8-bit high quality sound with digital sound mixer
  • Maximum of 5 channel of sound track, main gun, machine gun, turret rotate, gun barrel elevation and engine sound can be generated at the same time
  • 3W sound output power
  • 0.8A BEC
  • EPM*2 for gun elevation(EPM1) and turret rotation/gun traverses(EPM2)
  • Wide operating voltage rage, from 7.2 to 12V, support 3S Li-Po battery
  • Support air-soft gun with sound synchronization
  • Support TAMIYA and HL IR battle unit and format
  • Support RealRecoil servo port
  • Safety shutoff prevents unwanted movement while signal lost
  • Auto R/C signal detection
  • Miniature design(60mm X 50mm X 20mm) for 1/25~1/16 R/C Tank
  • 3D Printed mounting plate now included.

Sounds Include:
Engine: Ford GAA V8 Tank Engine
Main Armament: 90mm
Secondary Armament: .30 Cal


This product is not for beginners -THIS IS NOT A 100% PLUG AND PLAY BOARD
For complete installation and configuration instructions, please visit the Official Clark Model TK22 Information Page

 Visit the TK Series Information Section