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What's The Difference Between The Heng Long TK 6.0 and TK6.0s Multifunction Board for RC Tanks

What's New In The Heng long TK 6.0S Multifunction Boards For RC Tanks

Mark Swenson
08 Nov 2020

You may have seen the newer TK6.0S boards around and wondered what, if any, the changes were over the original TK6.0. Heng Long do not release any official information to international distributors and resellers, so here is the information we have gathered through in house testing and customer feedback/experience.

There are 3 main changes/additions as part of the 6.0S revision. These are listed below:

  1. Optional dual current driving system
    Gives you the ability to use a dual currrent gearbox (single drive motor and single steering motor)
  2. Switchable Stick layout
    Single stick drive or dual stick drive
  3. Switchable front/rear lights (in sync not seperate)

The TK6.1S boards will be arriving in the store late Novemeber, while the TK6.0s multifunction boards are now available to purchase from the store here: Heng Long TK6.0S Multifunction Board



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