Heng Long Cannon/Barrel Smoker Units - Now In Stock
08 Jun 2021
Heng Long Cannon Barrel Smoker Unit For TK6.0s, TK6.1s, TK7.0 & TK7.1 Version MFU RC Tanks

Hi everyone,

These Heng Long cannon/barrel smoker units have just arrived in the store. These units are designed to give your tank the smoke effect from the barrel when firing the main gun on your TK6.0s or newer equipped Heng Long 1/16 RC tank.

They come in a kit that includes the function board, flexible silicone tubing and a flash LED with wire. An important thing to keep in mind is that these units will need to replace the BB unit in your tank. 

More info can be found on the product page:
Heng Long Barrel Smoke Unit page



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