Echelon 1/35 Australian Matilda Decal Markings (Part 1) ADF

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First of the Aussie Matildas covering a number of versions, ranging from normal guntanks and close support tanks to "frogs" and a dozer fitted tank. This set covers mainly three specific units: 1st & 2/9th Australian Armoured Regiment and 2/1st Australian Armoured Brigade Reconnaissance Squadron.

This set covers 13 marking options with red fording lines enough for 2 builds. If modellers choose to mask and colour the red fording lines, there should be markings enough for all 13 tanks.

Please note: This is for 1/35 scale models

Additional note:
As usual, Echelon go all-out to capture the nitty-gritty details on all the markings as much as possible. And this can be reflected by the Arms Of Service (AOS) which aren't standard across the board although all shows the coconut tree and the crocodile. Just this set alone will feature a number of AOS variations. Same goes to the Fording markings, which are not the same exact fonts used by the Soviet Lend-Lease Matildas, although they just looked similar. This set also covers the non-italic version. The fording markings differ from unit to unit, and sometimes different between vehicles within the same unit as well. These are just some of the few highlights mentioned.