MHE ADF Style 1/16 Scale F88SA2 Austeyr Rifle With Grenade Launcher

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1/16 Scale F88SA2 Austeyr Rifle with Grenade Launcher

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Highly detailed 1/16 scale F88SA2 with Grenade Launcher Austeyr Rifle from Mouse House Enterprises.
Comes in small cardboard box to protect in transit.

Care will need to be taken with this item.

1 x F88SA2 Rifle with GLA (grenade launcher) - UNPAINTED

Please note: Due to the process of manufacture, some resin items may need some prep and cleaning before fitting and painting.
Click Here for a great article on Working With Resin Parts 

Manufactured in Australia, the F88 Austeyr rifle fires standard 5.56 x 45 millimetre ammunition. The F88 can be fitted with different sights from the standard 1.5x sight, or the advanced combat optic gunsight (ACOG), and night weapon sights. The F88 Austeyr rifle can also be fitted with the grenade launcher attachment (GLA).