Heng Long 1/16 RC Tank Hull Screw Pair

Brand/Manufacturer:Heng Long 1:16, Panzer/Stug III, Panzer IV, Panther G, Jagdpanther, Tiger I, King Tiger, Jagdtiger, M4 Sherman, M26 Pershing, M41 Bulldog, KV1/KV2, T34/85, M1 Abrams, Type 99/A, Leopard 2A6, Challenger 2, T90

Heng Long 1/16 RC Tank Hull Screw Pair

Weight: 0.02 Kg per item
5 item(s)

Replacement screws for securing the upper and lower hulls of your Heng Long 1:16 scale radio controlled tank.

2 x Lower Hull Screw -

Please note: colour pair may vary, will be silver or black depending on what supplier has sent us.

Heng Long
  • 1:16
  • Panzer/Stug III
  • Panzer IV
  • Panther G
  • Jagdpanther
  • Tiger I
  • King Tiger
  • Jagdtiger
  • M4 Sherman
  • M26 Pershing
  • M41 Bulldog
  • KV1/KV2
  • T34/85
  • M1 Abrams
  • Type 99/A
  • Leopard 2A6
  • Challenger 2
  • T90

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