Taigen Sound Card For v3 Multifunction Unit

Brand/Manufacturer: 1:16, Panzer/Stug III, Panzer IV, Tiger I, KV1/KV2, Leopard 2A6

Sound Card for the Taigen V3 Multifunction Board

Weight: 0.20 Kg per item

Taigen Panzer III/Panzer IV sound card for the Taigen v2/v3 electronics.

This item is plug and play with the TAIGEN v2/v3 electronics but will not work with the older v1 systems (onboard sound). Please make sure you have a v2 or v3 TAIGEN motherboard that supports this sound card before purchasing.

What's included:

1 x Sound Card Module ()

 This card is also compatible with the Open Panzer project but does require a small wiring change. You can find more details on the Open Panzer project at the website: http://openpanzer.org where there is a vast amount of resources and information on both the wiki and the forums.

  • 1:16
  • Panzer/Stug III
  • Panzer IV
  • Tiger I
  • KV1/KV2
  • Leopard 2A6