Resin & 3D Printed

Highly detailed 1/16 scale Fridge, Power Box, Umbrella Stand and road wheel. The Abrams fridge is mounted on a plate and held in place by a collar. The power cable from the fridge terminates at a power box mounted on the rear edge of the turret. To the 7 o'clock position of the commanders...
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Resin water jerry can with laser engraved Australian pattern markings. Up to five water jerry cans are carried in the turret basket/s of the ADF M1A1 AIM tank - commonly painted in Olive Drab Lustreless. Includes: 1 x 1/16 Resin Jerry Can - with Australian Markings (unpainted) Please...
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Generic Resin Sandbags with flat back for your 1/16 scale Heng Long, Taigen, Torro or Tamiya RC Tank. Great for Sherman and/or M26 Pershing. The flat underside makes mounting to tanks easy. Set is supplied UNPAINTED Includes: Sandbag (various design) x 6 Please note: Due to the...
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