Echelon 1:35 Australian M1A1 AIM Abrams Markings (AUSCAM Camouflage Part 1)

Brand/Manufacturer: 1:35, M1 Abrams
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1:35 Australian M1A1 AIM Abrams Markings

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A comprehensive set of markings, including generics for the Aussie 3-tone(AUSCAM) M1A1 AIM Abrams that was seen during Exercise Hamel 2012. Almost everything (90%) on this set are newly created artwork and very, very little are carried forward from D356041. This includes the Red Roos (different stencils altogether).

Special note: This set is for 1:35 scale models.

Echelon Fine Details
  • 1:35
  • M1 Abrams

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